Zine featured on FPO!

The kind folks over at UnderConsideration today put up another feature of my work on their site FPO: For Print Only. Check out the feature, here. You can still grab a zine from one of these places:

Three Bears Design Online StoreSailboat PressVivid Plastic

“I’ve been interested in photography since I can remember, but lomography has particularly bemused me since I was given my first Holga about three years ago as a gift. It’s kind of like cooking vs. baking. While cooking, you can kind of throw stuff together and improvise and make something delicious. Baking requires patience, technicality, and trust. You can’t see or taste how good (or bad) it is until it’s out of the oven. My hat is off to those that can produce such captivating images.” -Laura Dickens

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