Write-Up in the Michigan Daily

It’s always nice to find good reviews of your work online. Jared from The Dirty Birds just sent me a link to this Michigan Daily Review, which speaks highly of the artwork we did for their album. Definitely really encouraging when the reviewer includes the artwork in the review.

“It is equally impressive when an album’s cover art perfectly matches its tone. How the Cause Became the Cure’s cover impeccably suits the almost melancholy and subtle nature of the album’s contents. The muted, water-colored hues of a winter scene, dominated by a solitary and solemn old-fashioned house upon a hill, invite the listener into The Dirty Birds’ foreboding haven. The house’s many windows, lit with a sickly greenish tint, convey the dampened brightness of the album’s sound. This house is not only the perfect setting for where an album like this may have been born, but also for where this album should ideally be listened to.”

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