Work featured on KidRobot’s Kronikle!

KidRobot just posted a press release on their Kronikle blog about this months Lovely Lowbrow Toy Show. The release featured my piece, alongside pieces by other artists in the show; Julia Bunn, Jeff Lamm, Jamie Suvak, Joshua Davis, Kate Budd, Sh!t Heap, and Jaron Tager. Also including the type-treatment I created for the show. So thrilled to see my piece up on this site.


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  1. dude….. yr just killin’ on the internet lately.

  2. Maryellen Hicks says:

    that’s awesome bro

  3. Jeremy B. Sears says:

    That is truly awesome. I can only imagine how stoked you are.

  4. Ley Richard Rhodes says:

    that bear fishing in a beehive is so cute! ha, I love it!

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