What the customers are saying about "From Fathoms"

Lindsay, over at The Mylene Sheath, just forwarded me a ton of e-mails from their customers who have bought Gifts From Enola’s new record “From Fathoms.” The record was officially released this past Tuesday. I know I’ve posted a lot about this album, and have a lot of other things going on worth posting about, but here are some really encouraging things that people have been saying about the record:

“The GFE vinyls are AMAZING. I don’t think I own a finer piece of art. The album art alone is the most intense, glossiest art I own, not to mention the colored vinyl. The CD case for From Fathoms is so unique and I pretty much want every CD I buy to be in a case like this from now on.”

“Just wanted to say thanks for putting out such an awesome GFE album. Got it a few days ago and am still in awe when I pull it out of the sleeves.”

“Just wanna letting you know that I received the GFE record in perfect condition and it’s f*cking amazing! The artworks great and the record is a killer. Thank you for making this one possible!”

“Arrived in perfect condition!!! what shall i say? this is probably the most beautiful album i own. absolutely amazing job!!!!”

“The sleeve and the vinyl look amazing, especially the sleeve is a masterpiece! sound is also great – listing to it right now! Keep it up and thanks a million for the great service and music!”

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