Well Worn 12″ Shipping Now

The new split 12″ between Caravels & Gifts From Enola is shipping now. Brian Stowell picked up a copy yesterday in Portland and sent me over these photos (to hold me over until my copies ship in). So damn proud of this thing, and can’t wait to see it in person. The outer-sleeve is full-color plus a metallic spot-under-print, and with a full-color insert with lyrics (hand-written by me).

Order the Coke-Bottle-Green version (shown below) from Topshelf Records, White version from The Mylene Sheath, or grab a Clear version from either band at their upcoming shows. You can also stream the whole record on Absolute Punk.


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  1. Big ups to @charliewagers for the fantastic job on the artwork for that record. As well as @mylene_sheath for being a pleasure to work with!

  2. @kevinduquette @charliewagers right back ‘atcha big guy, class acts over there, no doubt about it <3

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