Walk the Moon: Ohio Posters

Walk the Moon is currently out on the spring leg of their Talking is Hard Tour, and they’ve commissioned artists to create a different screen-printed poster for each stop on the tour. Having designed a lot of their tour merch over the years, I took the opportunity to make posters for all three shows in Ohio, which start tonight in Cincinnati. The Cincinnati print is four colors, while the Columbus and Cleveland ones are three. Each print will be available at the merch table for their respective shows, 100 copies available each night. I’ve reserved a small amount of copies for my online store, which will go on sale at a random time on Friday, April 4th.



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  1. Jennifer Brickner says:

    My daughter is a huge Walk The Moon fan and fell in love with your posters. She went to the Cincinnati show, but did not originally see them for sale. Although she went to the Cincinnati show, she would have been happy with any of the Ohio posters. Since they are all sold out, I wanted to check to see if you will be printing anymore, or if you know of anyone with an extra poster they would be willing to sell. I’m sure the answers are probably no to all of the above, but you never know unless you ask.

  2. Scott says:

    Been looking everywhere for the Columbus poster for my daughter and it’s nowhere to be found. Praying I find it at some point but. Who knows.

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