Underwater Diana F+

My newest article on the Lomography Online Magazine is a Tipster about putting your Diana F+ (or another camera) in a plastic bag, to take photos under water! Go check it out, here.


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  1. vicker313 says:


  2. lawypop says:

    Haha! always wanted to take Diana underwater 😛

  3. lil says:

    awesome! I want to try it with my Holga right now! 🙂

  4. litumai says:

    i wanted to try this for a while but summer is over! awesome tipster!

  5. dearjme says:

    So good!

  6. damn.. really cool,.. i have to try this!!

  7. jeffr says:


  8. lomonesia says:

    waiting for holga submarine

  9. klaryssa says:

    I want to try this really badly! But I’m so scared that water will get in the camera some how!

  10. guanatos says:

    sería chula una carcaza para la diana ouuuu

  11. atria007 says:

    ummmmm pork pone provia y diana f…si te vas a la home pone superia 400 y holga??? vamos ni jarta de vino hago yo eso…que lo prueben otros…pero creo k si la krab existe sera por algo…

  12. sibux says:

    me gustaaaa! aunque a mi me daria un poco de miedito sumergir mi Diana F+ aqunque sea con una bolsa y sin flash!

  13. twinklecat says:

    ooh, clever!

  14. stouf says:

    Nice! : )

  15. julia-b says:

    This is incredible! But I’m afraid to try it..

  16. byron says:

    Yo hice algo parecido con una digital y… una pena 😉

  17. missnothing says:

    Me encantaría hacerlo, pero quiero mucho a mi dianita

  18. radiactive says:

    Me encanta la idea, pero me da mucho miedo probarlo xD

  19. rstptrw says:

    So awesome lads!<3 But, I'm just waiting to have this camera:_(

  20. tousled says:

    uha, vielen dank! das habe ich mich bisher mit meiner liebsten praktica noch nicht getraut, nun pack ich mal wieder die holga aus!

  21. pedrogalvez says:

    Yeahhhh! I will to try soon! Thanks Eres un valiente.

  22. kaninchow says:

    I’ve been dying to get my diana underwater! Thanks for this awesome tip! 😀

  23. chibivy says:

    This is awesome!! I might try this in my Diana Mini! :’D

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