Trouble Books & Mark McGuire

Note: I hardly ever do promo-photography. But, long time friends Trouble Books have a new collaboration record with Emeralds’ Mark McGuire. So, for the back cover of the record, we thought it would be fitting take a band photo. Our friends Matt & Hannah were gracious enough to let us use their lovely house for the location. Really happy with how these turned out, and can’t wait to hear the record when it’s finished.


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  1. Zach Christy says:

    this is amazing, charlie.

  2. J Phillip Hudson says:


  3. Josiah Luis McLat says:

    As we say at my work, daaaaang snaaaake! It means, good job.

  4. katie hughes says:

    Like those people in that window. Cept the one on the left. Don’t know him, but I like his guitar soundz. Like this house and the people who made it look so good. Like the photographer.

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