Toddland <3's C.S. Wagers (both of us)

I spent pretty much my entire childhood on 800 acres of farmland in Kentucky with my dad. I credit these experiences a lot towards the development of my preferred aesthetic within my work. My pops is one of the baddest-ass men I have ever met, and I’m proud to share the same name as him. So, it was perfect that I got his Christmas gifts from my pals over at Toddland. I picked him up a deer wallet, and a flannel, both of which he loved. Check out the smallest snippet of his huge collection of historic ephemera, indian artifacts, and taxidermy. Even the rad dudes at Toddland took the time to write a hilarious blog post about it. They may have stretched the truth for a good story; something my dad’s also known to do. Check it out, and huge thanks to Todd, Paul and Cliffy.


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  1. Jeremy B. Sears says:

    I love toddland. I really need to hangout with your dad he seems like a guy I could bs with for hours.

  2. Jeremy B. Sears says:

    P.S I spot a Remington 700. My next rifle buy.

  3. Adam B. says:

    The Sr.! I miss him and your Mom – they’re good, good folks.

  4. Cheryl says:


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