The Sleeping House

For the past several months we have been working closely with Cool Hand Luke to create something very special for their new album ‘The Sleeping House‘. Mark first sent us a few of the demo tracks, which all made references to Sleeping vs. Waking Up, “Wake Up O Sleeper”, “Keep your gaze on me, for God’s sake stay awake” and “The Incomprehensible Sleep”. Along with these references there was a lot of ties to the ocean depths. So while the band was working on finishing the music, we worked on concepts, and then created the actual artwork, all while working directly with the band, feeding off of each other, so that this is more than just a great album, along with great artwork, but one comprehensible piece as a whole.

We hope that you will consider picking it up. The disc will be enhanced, allowing you to access pieces of information using your computer, including an essay from us, informing you of the meaning behind every piece of the artwork. All that being said, here is the cover. We hope that you will soon explore the rest of the package of ‘The Sleeping House’.

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