The Lovely Lowbrow Toy Show

Here are some photos from tonights Lovely Lowbrow Toy Show, presented by Vivid Plastic. I made two custom MUNNYs. The first is a bear, where I re-positioned the ears using sculpy, which comes complete with a branch, and a suspended bee hive. For the second, (with the help of my dad and my friend Ray) I created a silicone mold of the MUNNY head, and then used the mold to cast the head in clear resin, with a brain inside. With the brain protruding out of the back of the head for clarity. A professional photographer is scheduled tomorrow to photograph each piece, so I’ll have better photos later.

Also, KidRobot did a feature of the show on their Kronikle blog, including the postcard art that Jeff and I made for the show. Awesome!

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  1. you overachieving (insert expletive)…

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