The Black Keys Benefit Show at Musica

Tonight at Musica, The Black Keys will be playing a benefit concert to celebrate the life of Alfred McMoore (1950 – 2009). Alfred was an artist from Akron, “As a self-trained artist, his works fall into the ”outsider” category — a term used to describe nontraditional art created outside the scope of official training, often by someone who has been institutionalized.” He is responsible for inspiring Dan and Pat with the name “The Black Keys”and as a result of his recent death, and desire to honor his legacy, The Black Keys are playing tonight at Musica, and all of the money from the proceeds will be donated to Community Support Services. With tickets from $50 – $100, the show is long sold out. I was responsible for handling the design for all of the press materials (programs, vouchers, passes, etc).

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