The Album Leaf Poster

When I found out The Album Leaf is coming to Akron in October, I swiftly e-mailed their manager to get the green light to do some posters. My good friends from Square Records are presenting, and Bo (Roofbeam) is set to open the show. Huge thanks to everyone in part, for letting me do this. As usual, they’ll be 25″ x 19,” three-colors, and limited to only 50 prints. Come grab one at the show. Click the image to enlarge.


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  1. Jeremy Bible says:

    looks fantastic Charlie!

  2. i love the album leaf! that’s awesome, charlie!

  3. Michelle Garrett says:


  4. Daniel Ray Charles Jones says:

    stop being awesome! haha

  5. rob has that branch thing tattooed on his arm.

  6. Looks, good! Can’t wait for this one 🙂

  7. Brit Charek says:

    Nice work! Ill be at that show

  8. Andrew Wells says:

    ooooh. i’ll have to be at this.

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