Talons’ Songs for Boats

I can’t take much credit for this, but I did just help my friends Mike & Keith put together the layout for Talons’ new album, Songs for Boats. His follow up to Songs for Babes. The typography following the same style as all of his other records, typed on his script-typewriter. The photo is from the recently demolished Chippewa Lake park, and taken by Meryl Swiatek. Out soon on Own Records.


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  1. Mike Talon says:

    You Rule Charlie!

    One small revision. The typewriter is hard to read sometimes but my friend Meryl Swiatek took the photo. Just want to make sure that she gets the credit she deserves for it!!!

  2. Ryan Hammer says:

    Charlie! You should check out Positive Beat Recordings as well! My friend Michael just started it up and will be releasing Talons’ stuff on vinyl! A little search on facebook ought to turn up the page for Positive Beat Recordings.

    I hope you’re well!

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