Screen-Printing Workshop

Tonight a new show opens at the Akron Art Museum called Multiplicity: Contemporary Prints from the Smithsonian American Art Museum, which will run until March. In celebration of the printmaking medium, the museum asked me to do a workshop about screen-printing, which I’m calling, simply, PULL! I’ll be giving a brief presentation about the history of the medium and how it relates to the pieces in the show, and also in my work. Then I’ll be giving an in-depth run-through the process, with two-print stations setup for participants to print their own 2-color poster. Below is the poster that I made for the event, and also the one that we’ll be printing.

It’s free to the public and you get a free poster! Complete information can be found here.



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  1. Todd Masters says:

    congrats dude!

  2. This is awesome!!

  3. Abby Maker says:

    wish I could go!

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