Rustic Bullshit

I spent a few hours today screen-printing the jackets for the long-overdue vinyl treatment of Rustic Bullshit by Talons’. Also known for his work with Six Parts Seven and Trouble Books, Mike has been making music under the name Talons’ for quite some time. This record was originally released as a CD-R in 2006, and is now getting the vinyl treatment. First-pressing is limited to 100 copies, in chipboard jackets, that I screen-printed (three colors). It’s also being mastered for the first time, and will spin at 45rpm, for the audiophiles. Look for it soon, from Bark & Hiss. Listen to the CD-R (unmastered) version of the album below.

While there, Andy & Josh were printing the Cloudkicker that Adam & Keith designed – five colors!


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  1. did you screen right onto the sleeve? other method?


  3. Jesse Sloan says:

    me too.

  4. Ben Vaughan says:

    gotsa have it.

  5. Adam R. Shilling says:

    I like the cursive penmanship – very pretty.

  6. Warren Kroll says:

    Oh my, yes.

  7. Matt Clark says:

    cannot wait for this.

  8. Mike Tolan says:

    Awesome! Great Work!

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