Ray Lamontagne Cleveland Poster

Here is a look at my latest gig-poster, it’s for Ray Lamontagne‘s upcoming concert at Jacobs Pavilion in Cleveland. His new record is called Supernova and I knew immediately that I wanted to do something retro and space’y. Overall, my goal was to incorporate some outer-space elements, and to look like the figure is entering into a cryptic portal. I’ll be screen-printed these in a limited-edition, first available at the concert. Three-colors on French’s Pop-Tone Red Hot paper. I’ll have a small quantity for sale in my online store, after the event.



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  1. Brooke Byington Genn says:

    Love this! & love Ray LaMontagne, of course.

  2. Cindy C. Osborne-Petry says:


  3. Mike Maroney says:

    this is so tight

  4. Jesse Sloan says:

    killin’ it!

  5. Douglas Beyer says:

    So sweet dude.

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