Gig Posters

CloudNothings-FallTour Glow-in-the-Dark Cloud Nothings 2014 Fall Tour Poster, collaboration with Nick Spolarich. KD-IIOI FR-Columbus CaspianLarcom FR-Columbus BazanLivingRoom mwY-TA TheFray-TourPoster CloudNothingsBeachland Cloud Nothings at the Beachland Ballroom, collaboration with Nick Spolarich. FR-Cincinnati RockyV-LivingRoom DWM-WinterTour DWM-FallTour ITTCT-Europe AlbumLeaf GFE-LastShow DarkDarkDark HolidayGetDown Holiday Get Down Poster - collaboration with Cheryl Andrey.

mewithoutYou Posters

mewithoutYou is a band with a very particular visual aesthetic, and for the last seven years, I’ve had the pleasure of exclusively illustrating their t-shirts and other merchandise. The process includes […]


Old & New Project

Old & New is a collaborative design project based on Biblical passages. I was tasked with depicting the romantic passage “I am faint with love…” from Song of Solomon: Learn […]


Ashland University Arts

The art department at Ashland University needed some new advertising materials for their program. Having attended their fine fine-art program, they contacted me for some illustration. AU’s motto is “Accent […]