Album Covers

Prawn Kingfisher LP/CD. 2014 Topshelf Records.
Prawn Settled 7." 2014 Topshelf Records.
Living Room Moonchaser LP/CD. 2014 Jetsam-Flotsam Records.
If These Trees Could Talk Above the Earth, Below the Sky & Self-Titled 2xLP. 2014 The Mylene Sheath.
Being As An Ocean How We Both Wondrously Perish LP/CD. 2014 InVogue Records. Cover photograph by Rosie Hardy.
Giants "They, the Undeserving" Re-Issue LP. 2013 The Mylene Sheath.
Dietrich Strause "Little Stones to Break the Giants Heart" CD. 2013. Collaboration with Peter Nevins.
Sleep Experiments Self Titled LP/CD. 2012.
Gifts From Enola "A Healthy Fear" LP/CD. 2012 The Mylene Sheath.
Charlene Kaye "Animal Love" CD. 2012. Collaboration with Cheryl Andrey. Photography by Shervin Lainez.
Caravels & Gifts From Enola "Well Worn" Split 12". 2012 Topshelf Records & The Mylene Sheath.
Anna Haas "Crazy Is" CD. 2012.
Trouble Books & Mark McGuire Self-Titled ". 2011 Bark & Hiss.
Talons' "Songs for Boats" LP/CD ". 2011 Own Records & Positive Beat Recordings.
Cover photograph by Meryl Swiatek.
The Attending "Are You Watching Closely?" CDEP. 2011 Blood & Ink Records.
Roofbeam "Black" EP. 2011 Roofbeam Industries. Additional photography by Geoff Crowe.
Giants & Beware of Safety Split ". 2011 The Mylene Sheath.
Giants "Old Stories" CD/LP. 2008 Cavity Records. Collaboration with Adam Baker.
If These Trees could Talk "Above the Earth, Below the Sky" LP. 2008 The Mylene Sheath.
The Frozen Ocean Self-Titled. 2008 Come and Live!
Charlene Kaye "Things I Will Need in the Past" CD, 2008. Collaboration with Adam Baker & Cheryl Andrey.
Cool Hand Luke "The Sleeping House" CD. 2008 Lujo Records. Collaboration with Adam Baker.
Cool Hand Luke "Buy the Truth" Digital Single. 2008 Lujo Records. Collaboration with Adam Baker.
Romance of Young Tigers "I Have Supped Full On Horrors" CD/LP. 2008 Magic Bullet Records. 
Collaboration with Seth Graham.
Arrah and the Ferns "Evan is a Vegan" CD. 2006 Standard Recording Company. 
Collaboration with Cheryl Andrey & Evan Walters.


As Art Director for the one-man band Cloudkicker, I’ve single-handedly done the art & design for Ben Sharp since 2011. This includes doing the artwork for his records, and also […]


Caravels – Lacuna

Art direction & design for Caravels‘ 2012 album Lacuna, released by Topshelf Records. The vinyl version is packaged in a gatefold jacket, with three different colors of vinyl. The CD is packaged in […]


Ten Stories

After crafting the band’s tour merchandise for several years, I was brought on to handle the design and layout of mewithoutYou‘s fifth album, Ten Stories. The band commissioned Vasily Kafanov to […]