Old Stories Limited Vinyl Pressing (part one)

I spent pretty much my entire Saturday in the basement of Revival printing the sleeves for the very limited “Friends Press” of GiantsOld Stories. The record has been available on vinyl for a month or two, but the band, and Cavity, requested that I silk-screen an additional 100 copies, to be limited to friends and exclusively available at shows. The records are on a white with blue haze, exclusive to this pressing. These are the first 50, and I will be printing the other 50 shortly, which will be the other half of the album art, and in a different color scheme. All copies are hand-numbered, and signed and stamped on the inside.


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  1. Katie says:

    They turned out so well!

  2. Rob says:

    They look great ^_^

  3. Artwork looks awesome!

  4. Sharon Possibly says:

    i love your art

  5. Jason Goody says:

    the next time you do shit like this call me, you don’t have to pay me, I would love to help

  6. Adam Baker says:

    Yeah. I guess these turned out okay. The printing looks good, but the illustration sucks.

  7. AJY says:

    First time seeing these. They look great. I’ll have the next three screens ready for you very soon. I should have asked for a artist print. Hmm, hmm, maybe?

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