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Well, I was getting tired of the lack of cohesiveness between my blog and my portfolio website. So today, finally, after months of it annoying me, I went through and made some serious changes. Welcome to my new website. I can’t believe I was able to get it all done in a day, well – it’s all I did ALL day. Now everything all flows together. As you can see, to the right, is the full menu for my website. I haven’t posted any new work to the Portfolio section recently. This week, and next, I will be photographing new pieces, and prepping both this website, and the Three Bears website, for a really intense update of new work. We’ve been working out butts off for the last few months, and I am excited to upload all of the new work.

Also, Revivalist re-printed our collaborative Ohio shirt. We now have them in Both Girls and Guy sizes! Girls S-L and Unisex XS-XL. Get your orders in, before they’re gone!

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  1. m.e.iafelice says:

    nice work my friend.

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