New mewithoutYou Shirts

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Aaron Weiss phoned me, as his band, mewithoutYou, were leaving for tour in less than a month, and realized that they’d not prepared any new t-shirts for this upcoming tour. Their shirts usually incorporate lyrics from their songs, and contain an illustrative interpretation of the song itself. The result was a new shirt for the song Timothy Hay, as well as re-working the “Brownie Brain” shirt (as we’ve all been calling it for the last year), as it had only been used for the Weiss Family Tour last summer. I’m very grateful to these friends for continuing to think of me for work. They’ll be on a 1 month US tour starting May 31st, and Dave Bazan will be supporting them for 3 weeks of it, awesome.


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  1. Denise says:

    Love them! Will they be for sale on the web?

  2. charliebear says: (Author)

    maybe! Not sure. They’ve tossed around the idea of putting their shirts online after touring, but have not done so with any of my shirts yet. I’ve dropped hints, and will continue to do so. Try and make it to a show!

  3. Amy Keeton says:

    Charlie, you are simply amazing and I miss you.

  4. Amanda Azevedo says:

    Please put them to sell on the Internet.
    I’m from Brazil and I need one of these: (

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