My Favorite Songs from 2010 – Part 1

Songs from 2010 / Part 1 / Download Here

I don’t do this as much as I should, but I put together 2 playlists of my favorite songs from this year. I divided them into two, because they are two very distinct sets. The photos are of devastation from the earthquake that happened in Chile earlier this year, and from one of my favorite photo-blogs, The Big Picture. I’ll post the second half very soon (as soon as I finish it).

Additionally, I put together a list of my favorite albums from 2010, here.


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  1. *aminals 🙂 i love that song/record thanks to mr. timmy skirvs. miss you duude

  2. Steve Bader says:

    i love Baths! the 1st time I heard “Hall” i stayed up half the night playing it over and over again

  3. Phinehas Hodges says:

    This is good shit Charlie.

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