I just finished moving my stuff into my new apartment in Pittsburgh. This is definitely the best apartment I have ever lived in. I’d rather not fill my blog up with photos of the entire apartment, but I want to post just a couple of my tiny little closet room. It’s really cozy, and I love it. I also love that it keeps me out in the rest of the house as well. We have a great living room, tons of space for guests to sleep (come visit!), a killer roof that you can get on, and three fantastic roommates. I am excited for when Danny gets home from tour in Europe, so we’ll all be together.


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  1. Adam says:

    your apartment is kick-ass! thanks again for letting us crash there.

  2. Oh, Say Can You See says:

    i love it charlie! looks very warm.

    got my copy of choir at your door yesterday. the packaging is amazzzzing. i can’t get over it. where did you get the sleeve?

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