More Josh Ritter Posters

Here are two new posters I just wrapped up for Josh Ritter & The Royal City Band. The first is for their upcoming show in Pittsburgh at the Byham Theater. The second is for their short-tour in June. The imagery in the tour poster is inspired by the opening line from the song Bonfire, “got a lot of lovers with star crossed wrists…” I will be screen-printing editions of both, three-colors on French 100lb paper.



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  1. Bo Bishop says:

    You are an endless spring of Josh Ritter water.

  2. More solid work man

  3. Wow that’s beautiful! Thank you for sharing. I love your stuff!

  4. Sonia Franzago says:

    stop making great posters – I’m running out of wall space.

  5. Jenni Stowell says:

    I wish I could like this a hundred times

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