mewithoutYou Summer Tour Poster

My friends in mewithoutYou are about to start the second leg of their summer tour with Kevin Devine & Buried Beds. They asked me to print some new posters for the trip, so I collaborated with my pal (and the tour-manager’s girlfriend) Brittany Willis, who did all of the drawings you see on the poster. She sent me her pencil drawings, and I tackled putting everything together. Considering the theme of their newest record, we figured that a circus-poster was a great idea.

The prints will be three-color silk-screened on French’s Cream Speckletone paper, 300 copies. I’m going to be printing them over the course of the next couple of days, and they’ll hopefully be available at the first show on Friday, in Cleveland.


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  1. Dan Jones says:

    oh lord that’s awesome

  2. Phil Jacoby says:

    gorgeous, charles. gorgeous.

  3. Molly Vazquez says:

    Are these for sale anywhere other than the shows? I bought two at the show in Lawrence, KS a couple weeks ago. Unfortunately I’m forgetful and left them in the trunk of my car and one got a little bent up. I’d like to get another one if it’s possible…?

  4. amy lewandowski says:

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