mewithoutYou Nine Stories Shirt

This is the last in a series of new shirts I made for mewithoutYou‘s summer tour. All of the new shirts are each based on songs from the new record, Ten Stories, and this one is for my favorite track, Nine Stories. It’s about a Walrus, after escaping from a circus train, who is taunted by an owl while he is trudging along. I’m told that all of these shirts will also be available online after the tour.


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  1. anthony says:

    I really want one of these!

  2. David says:

    I’m sure you get this question all the time but here it goes.
    I’m a big MWY fan and have seen them live and talked with Aaron several times.
    I’m in an internship which lasts all summer and can’t make it to any date of the Summer tour. Is there any possible way I could purchase one of your “Ten Stories” shirts directly? I especially love the “All Circles” shirt and the “Nine Stories” shirt.Please let me know as I love your work and really think these to be the best of all the MWY shirts. Take Care.


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