Marie in Indianapolis’ Luna

This past Saturday I went to Indianapolis to stay with some old friends and meet some new ones. The next morning (well, afternoon,) Joey and I went to Luna, an obligatory stop when in Indy, and in my list of favorite record stores. The first thing to do when walking into Luna is scanning their Staff Picks wall. And what do you know I found? Some of my own work surprised me. The latest Romance of Young Tigers release, “Marie,” has a very spectacular packaging. Released by Magic Bullet, Seth (the bands front member) recycled 500 already-printed digipaks left over at Magic Bullet. With some spray paint and hours of screen-printing, he saved them from going to waste. I did the non-handmade pieces of the album, the Disc-Face and the included stickers. It was a fun surprise to flip the CD over and see the Three Bears Design credit. The picture isn’t so great, it was on my camera phone. But I love Luna’s description of the album.

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