Lomography with The Fray

Last month I got to spend a couple of days with my buddy Dave and his band, The Fray, when they toured through the midwest. I documented the trip with my Diana F+, and it’s my latest article in the Lomography Magazine. Go check it out.

UPDATE: The article has been selected as the Lomography Lifestyle Feature of the Week!

We picked this article because it’s not often you get to play table tennis or lakeside golf with a Grammy-nominated rock band—but Charlie Wagers did and he has the dreamy Diana F+ photos to prove it! Concert security can be pretty strict and they generally take an aversion to people taking photos of artists unless they have a tag that says they’re “official.” Lucky Charlie’s good friends with The Fray’s lead guitarist, David Welsh, and he was able to snap some cool behind-the-scenes medium-format photos to share with us!

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  1. nural says:

    Now I have to listen to How to Save a Life 🙂

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