ITTCT Test Press

Long time friends, The Mylene Sheath, have decided to extend their highly sought-after list of collectors items, by releasing their back-catalog of Test Pressings. They are doing so through contests on their Message Board, by way of artwork contests. Each “boardie” can submit artwork to the contest, to be voted on by the other boardies. The winner gets their artwork screen-printed by yours truly, and a copy of the test press. There are only an incredibly small number of test pressings per release.

The first in the series is SHEATH001 – If These Trees Could Talk’s Self-Titled debut. The winner of the contest is Sheath die-hard, Brian Stowell.  Here are photos of the sleeves. Nice work, Brian! Lastly, huge thanks to Andy at Soundtrack Printing for allowing me to use their equipment.


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  1. like like like like like holy balls

  2. Thom Glunt says:

    Nice, I like the simplicity.

  3. James Acklin says:

    Amazing stuff. My outfit’s opening up for Caspian in a month, pretty stoked. Stuff looks awesome.

  4. Shane Eckel says:

    great looking portfolio bud.

  5. Kathleen Hughes says:

    I do like these! They’re kind of a change from the others. Are those snowy trees from the highway to NY?

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