Island of Misfit Toys at Akron Art Museum

This year is the tenth Island of Misfit Toys event at Akron Art Museum, and in celebration the museum asked local school children and professional artists to transform Munny, blank vinyl toys, into works of art. Artists of all ages have decorated Munny using pens, pencils, markers, paint, femo, clay, feathers, rocks, found objects and other supplies. The concept for this show was developed by Summit Artspace Gallery Director Rob Lehr, who also curated the artist-created Munny toys. “Play is a critical part to any creative process. Munny allows children and adults alike to explore their creative and playful side combining the joys of art making, sculpture and design,” remarks Lehr.

To compliment the children’s work, Rob asked a small group of professionals–myself included–to contribute a customized Munny to the show. On display are two of my pieces, one from 2012, and a new one created for this event. The Akron Beacon Journal had some kind words to say about my work in their review:

Charlie Wagers created a piece that has a print of a bear sleeping on an iceberg situated behind two sleeping bears in something like a forest. What doesn’t hit you, until you think about it, is that the artist has manipulated the dolls into a sitting position, which is more impressive if you consider he would have had to cut off the legs and reattach them. This change in the dolls has been extremely well done, giving the piece a peaceful and professional look. -Anderson Turner, Akron Beacon Journal.

The work is on display until February 28, 2016, in The Mary S. and David C. Corbin Foundation Gallery of the museum.


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