If These Trees Could Talk

This is a tour poster I just wrapped up for Akron’s If These Trees Could Talk. Their latest record, “Above the Earth, Below the Sky” was just self-released by the band on CD. Now, the Mylene Sheath is releasing the record on vinyl, and they asked me to create new artwork for the vinyl release. So I am working directly with the band, to attempt to create the layout for the LP in such a way that it is cohesive with the CD artwork, but an extension. Trying to stretch the artwork further.

Now, everyone knows my love for analog medium-format film, so I am using nothing but photos from my Holga for the layout. So what you see with this tour poster is similar to what the LP will look like, but I plan to use a handful of different (better) photos within the LP sleeve, as I am working on getting some film developed as I write this.

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  1. Tim K says:

    How do I purchase this If These Trees Could Talk Poster? I want it badly!!!!!

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