Highland Square Postcard

I’ve lived in quite a few places, and just a few years ago, I’d never see myself living in Akron. But i’m pretty happy to be here right now, surrounded by some good people. So, when I was approached about collaborating on a map of Highland Square (my neighborhood), I couldn’t turn it down. The brainchild of Jeremiah the Piercer, this card will hopefully allow for a more clear visual about what’s within these few blocks. Pretty soon, you’ll be able to pick one of these up in just about every shop in the square. The Three Bears Design; Akron HQ, (though not indicated) is within the boundaries of this map.


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  1. Revival says:

    A big thanks to Jeremiah at Goodlife Tattoos & Piercings for recruiting Three Bears Designs own Charlie Wagers in the creation of a map of Highland Square. Soon enough these will be seen throughout Akron in order to showcase our little wining, dining and shopping neighborhood.

  2. Joey Ozinga says:

    I like that you are developing your own distinct recognizable style. If I just saw that postcard somewhere I would know that it’s a Charlie Wagers classic!

  3. pretty! says:

    did chipotle not want to be on it, or is it too corporate ?:)

  4. PHJ says:

    Uh….you forgot the Von and the Crescent. Business district ain’t much without residents to buy things….and they’ll be open again someday soon. Doesn’t look right without the round driveway.

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