Gifts From Enola – Final Show Posters

The members that make up Gifts From Enola have been my friends for a long time now. Having done the artwork for their last four records, and spent weeks on the road, traveling thousands of miles, I’m sad to see them disband. They are playing their final show on Saturday, at the Blue Nile in Harrisonburg, Virginia. I’ll be there, selling their merch one last time, along with a pair of posters I screen-printed to commemorate the night.

The first poster includes the antique photo from Well Worn, their 2012 split with Caravels. The other features a new antique photo of a destroyed train yard, an image of destruction to illustrate the end of the band. Both posters feature a huge print of the band’s logo, printed with metallic silver ink. Each poster is limited to 50 copies each, printed on French’s Madero Beach paper, 100lb. They will be first available at the show on Saturday for $20 each, or a special discounted price for the pair. The remaining stock will be available the next day from the Three Bears Design Online Shop.



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  1. Davind Mann says:

    I can’t make it all the way from SA, TX. But I want this so incredibly bad….

  2. Len says:

    Is it possible to get the accordion poster?

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