Frightened Rabbit – Cincinnati Poster

I just finished this poster for my friends in Frightened Rabbit. It’s been nearly two years since the last poster I made for them, and Scott was nice enough to ask me to do another poster for their return to the states. For the image, I realized that the band’s name was 16 characters, and would fit nicely into a 4×4 grid. So I took on the task of making a little illustration for each letter, and tying them loosely to the lyrical themes throughout the band’s songs. I’ll be selling them at Bogarts in March, only 90 copies!



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  1. Charlie! It’s incredible!

  2. Looks sick dude!

  3. Tim Skirven says:

    Too sick. Just realized the top images spelled it out!!

  4. Cory Maidens says:

    Can’t wait to hang it right beside my other ones.

  5. Your job takes as long as mine does. Hard work pays off! 🙂

  6. Drew Binkley says:

    This looks awesome man. Worth burning the midnight oil on for sure!

  7. Danny Yourd says:

    awesome design!

  8. Phil Jacoby says:

    you’ve done it again, charles

  9. Andy Foster says:

    Soooo dope man.

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