FPO feature ‘Gifts From Enola’

One of my favorite blogs, FPO: For Print Only, today featured the package I designed for the Gifts From Enola LP. I’m honored to have work up on this site. Go check out the feature, HERE. Huge thanks to Bryony for writing the nicest article, that made me incredibly proud;

“The elusive LP package, the one we grew up loving, admiring, and collecting. More often than not a designer can clearly name the one cover that hooked him, the one that made him or her chose design over any other career path. Yet, more often than not, the aforementioned designer does not get a chance to design an LP cover in our digital world. Charlie Wagers is one of the lucky ones.” – Bryony Gomez-Palacio; UnderConsideration


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  1. Adam Baker says:

    Hurray! Congrats, dude! Again, great work!

  2. Andy Luce says:

    Yeah Charlie!

  3. Aaron Fowler says:

    I still need to give you some cash for those LPs.

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