Flood Tide needs your help!

Flood Tide is a road movie on a river. It tells the story of four musicians who create extraordinary boats out of ordinary junk and set out for open water, fueled by dreams, desperation and a sense of adventure. Directed by friend Todd Chandler, and starring the rest of DDD, it is also a collaboration with the Swimming Cities of Switchback Sea, a project started by the artist Swoon and built by an eclectic group of artists and performers. In the summer of 2008, the crew built and floated seven large, boat-sculptures down the Hudson River, putting on performances in towns along the way. While documenting the real life journey, Flood Tide is a work of fiction that uses the voyage as its centerpiece.

Here’s where you can help, and be a part of the project. The film needs assistance in funding. CLICK HERE to view the Kickstarter page for the film, where you can donate money to help the project be completed. You even get some rewards for your donation, which can include a copy of the film, soundtrack, your name in the credits list, a Swoon monograph, or even an original piece of art from the film.  With a little under a month to go, your help would be very much appreciated.

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