Finally done

Yesterday I didn’t post because I was too busy with the show opening, and celebratory post-show. But here’s a handful of photos from the opening. I want to go back, now that the gallery doesn’t have a ton of people in it, and take better detail photos to put on here. I’ll do that sometime this week. Aside from my work, I also had a major hand in making the title wall match the postcard I designed for the event. This wall is usually black, with boring centered type, so we were pretty excited about doing something innovative with that. Within my work I had 6 t-shirts framed, 2 more t-shirts on mannequin’s, alongside their native illustrative pieces to match, 6 CD layouts, a couple other large digital prints, a lithograph, and a pair of older Gel Transfers to Street-side-picked Windows.

I’ll try to make more photos happen, soon.

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