Feathers in Your Spokes.

All I have been wanting to listen to lately is folk and more folk. This will soon change with the forthcoming warm weather (can’t wait for spring,) but while it is still in the transitional phase, all I want to do is sip Bourbon Whisky and listen to something southern. To honor that, I bring you a mix-tape (the first of many, hopefully), of some of those songs and artists that I can’t get enough of lately. The majority of it is country and folk, but some tracks stray a bit from any particular genre. The title is based on a line from the last track, by A Silver Mt. Zion. I picked the songs out while listening to (almost) all of the records on vinyl, and now I am sitting on the porch right now, listening to the mix as a whole, to make sure it works, and I think it does. Who wants to move to a cabin in the woods? My family owns one in Kentucky, and the rent would be free…

Download the mix HERE. Enjoy.

Note: some of the songs are MP4 format. So I recommend using iTunes as your player.

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    A fine mix sir, and it looks like we’ll be dueling mixtapers. Hope to see you and Katie in May!


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