Designers.MX | Aug 2011

Designers.MX is basically my dream website; “Music that drives our favorite designers, and allowing them to create a unique cover design for each of their individual playlists. A daily music and design masterpiece.” They were kind enough to ask me to submit a mix, which went live today, titled It’s Not Forever. It’s a mix of songs by some of my favorite artists, complimented by some songs from friends of mine. Go have a listen.


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  1. Bo Bishop says:

    Woah!!!!!!! My first mixtape!!!!!!!

    This whole thing is so awesome. Listening and loving now. Following that Emeralds track is a dream.


  2. Jakub Foglar says:

    Great mix and an awesome cover, Charlie!

  3. Bo Bishop says:

    Wow I love this mix and the cover. Thanks for including me among such illustrious company, Charlie!

  4. schweet. thank you. i love the art for this.

  5. love the cover sir.

  6. Becky Rother says:

    yesss the new m83 is amazing. love the art too!

  7. Seriously Charlie… I dig this… I want to liquify it and swim in it I love it so much. Can’t turn it off. Thanks for it!

  8. This is a great mix to work to!

  9. Brilliant!! One of my absolute favorites here.

  10. Stunning mix. 6 Aminals – Baths is absolutely brilliant!

  11. Devon Hirth says:

    Well, that was pretty amazing. Thank you!

  12. CODYL says:

    Great mix. Just great!

  13. Great cover & mix!

  14. Sean Kelly says:

    Whoa! Sick mix Charlie. Lovin Roofbeam. The Refused riff is mixed so well into the song.

  15. Allie Smith says:

    Dig it, dude! Finally got around to listen to it!

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