Design for Revival’s T-Shirt Art Show

I just completed my design for the upcoming September T-Shirt Design art-show at Revival. For those unfamiliar, Revival is a boutique clothing store in Akron, Ohio, that also has art openings every month. The store prints (in-house) and sells several of their own lines, so it makes perfect sense to gather designs from local artists to do a group show of t-shirt designs. Each design is made specifically for this show, and they will be available in very limited quantities. I think we may print mine on 12 t-shirts, and 6 tank-tops. Other artists participating include Matt Horak, John Straub, Andy Taray, Rob Lehr & many more. More details soon.


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  1. Jared Gonzalez says:

    Damn you do some fine work there, CW.

  2. way to let the cat out of the bag Charlie! just kidding I really should announce this.

  3. Keith Frrnnd says:

    this is nice

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