David Bazan Living Room Poster

This Friday I am hosting a living room show for David Bazan. It’s not very often that I host a show in my house, so I couldn’t resist the opportunity to make a poster for it. The show is long sold out, but if you’re one of the few people with tickets, then you’ll have a chance to grab a screen-print. They will be in a very small edition of less than 50 copies.



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  1. Andy Foster says:

    DUDE. So sick!!!

  2. Oh my god what

    How can I be a person attending

  3. Casey Wheeler says:


  4. That’s just awesome. Both the poster and David Bazan in your living room.

  5. Ryan Hurley says:

    Tell him you know about an old abandoned funeral home in NC where he needs to play next.

  6. Brian Backscheider says:

    Can I be in New York and attend and get a poster?

  7. Dat guitar fire

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