Busy Busy Busy

Lately, I’ve been working on projects for a wide variety of clients. And here’s the strange part: none of them are bands. I did a good handful of band t-shirts a couple of weeks ago, and since then, the music industry has taken a break on us. I can’t debut any of these projects just yet, as the design isn’t finished yet, or they aren’t quite finished with production. But here’s a preview of some of the current non-musical projects. I like working in the music scene, but it is also refreshing to get to venture in other directions, like a Literary Journal Style Blog, dedicated to interviewing individuals who are doing something in the direction of helping the planet. Or Print design for a Mental Health Care Center. And even my first Book Jacket design. However, there are a few new bands coming around the corner who are looking for work, and I’m more than excited to do work for them.

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