Good Life (part 2)

Meet Rickshaw Willie. I mentioned a few months ago about doing some new stuff for Good Life Tattoos & Piercings. Well, if this isn’t guerilla advertising, then I don’t know what is. Willie’s bike is a moving billboard for the shop, sporting some 4 foot banners that I designed to fit his custom-built rack. Additionally, below, Jesse just got in his new business cards, which I designed to symmetrically match Brian’s cards that I did a few weeks ago. Next up will be a full website.

33.3 Art Show – Tonight!

Tonight is Square Records 7th Anniversary, and the 33 1/3 Art Show. I dropped by the gallery earlier today to take some photos before it was too crowded this evening. So here are some photos for those who are out of town. For my sleeve I did Sufjan Stevens’ “Seven Swans,”  with bleach and ink on tan canson paper.

The Attending

My long time friend Corey is starting up a new band. After sitting on a set of songs for quite some time, he’s ready to dive back into the music biz. His new music is under the name The Attending, and this shirt is the first piece in a line of work for my old friend.

All the Bad In One Place

Arrah and the Ferns have been working on this album for over 2 years. I originally started working on this artwork with them back in 2008. But after a member leaving, and a totaled van, they decided to break up, or at least temporarily. Recently, they decided to re-form, with some new members, and finally give this nearly completed album the treatment in deserved.

Arrah and the Ferns T-Shirt

I actually designed this shirt something like two years ago, right before Arrah and the Ferns (temporarily) broke up. But now, that they’ve gotten back together, about to release a new record in September, this shirt will finally see the printed treatment. Available for an upcoming two-week tour, I will also be creating some new shirts soon, to be sold after the new record comes out in September.