Zine featured on FPO!

The kind folks over at UnderConsideration today put up another feature of my work on their site FPO: For Print Only. Check out the feature, here. You can still grab a zine from one of these places:

Three Bears Design Online StoreSailboat PressVivid Plastic

“I’ve been interested in photography since I can remember, but lomography has particularly bemused me since I was given my first Holga about three years ago as a gift. It’s kind of like cooking vs. baking. While cooking, you can kind of throw stuff together and improvise and make something delicious. Baking requires patience, technicality, and trust. You can’t see or taste how good (or bad) it is until it’s out of the oven. My hat is off to those that can produce such captivating images.” -Laura Dickens

A Million Little Pictures

I managed to finish my submissions for A Million Little Pictures very early. For this project, curated by the Art House Co-op, I was sent a disposable camera, and was instructed to take photos according to my selected theme. I chose the theme “Surviving the End of the World.” I decided that a good way to fit the criteria was to shoot a series of ambient, post-apocoalypic feeling photos. The majority of these were taken on a trip (with the help of my friend Jeff) in Cleveland. I also opened up parts of the camera, made the shell a little more “leaky” and did a few other DIY manipulations to alter the results of the photos. Here are a few of my submissions:

Dirty Birds Posters

Spent a few hours today at Soundtrack, printing some posters for The Dirty Birds. This limited edition of 25 posters will be distributed to those who donated to the band’s kickstarter capaign. It’s really neat to see these different applications of parts of the album-art we created for this band back in 2009.

Silver Shade Instant Film

It’s been ages since I’ve used instant film. Today Jeff & I headed up to Cleveland to shoot some urban-decay for my AMLP project. While we were up there, we stopped by the new (amazing) store Aperture, and I grabbed some of the new Impossible Project PX 600 Silver Shade film. My first Impossible purchase. These are the 3 photos I shot today, which display some crazy results from the freezing (no more than 15°F outside!) temperature – despite my attempts to warm the film in my coat. Regardless, I love how unpredictable these films are, and the ambience in these photos. The images are of: inside an abandoned church, a HUGE ice formation from a leaky pipe, and the piers behind an abandoned marina.

Gifts From Enola T-Shirt

My long time friends in Gifts From Enola are about to embark on a 6 week tour across the midwest, to SXSW and back to Virginia. They wanted me to make a new shirt, using John Reiss‘s photography, that is completely different from anything they’ve ever had before. Something a little more minimal and darker. Here’s the end piece after a lot of critique with the band.