FPO feature ‘Gifts From Enola’

One of my favorite blogs, FPO: For Print Only, today featured the package I designed for the Gifts From Enola LP. I’m honored to have work up on this site. Go check out the feature, HERE. Huge thanks to Bryony for writing the nicest article, that made me incredibly proud;

“The elusive LP package, the one we grew up loving, admiring, and collecting. More often than not a designer can clearly name the one cover that hooked him, the one that made him or her chose design over any other career path. Yet, more often than not, the aforementioned designer does not get a chance to design an LP cover in our digital world. Charlie Wagers is one of the lucky ones.” – Bryony Gomez-Palacio; UnderConsideration

Kris Allen T-Shirt

Adambear and I just completed a t-shirt illustration for 2009 American Idol Winner Kris Allen. The colors in the image below are different than what Kris finally decided to print, but this is what we initially sent to him, we wanted to post a ‘director’s cut‘ of sorts. On this shirt, Kris wanted to depict the theme of each song on his latest record, all tied into one, crazy complex, illustration.

New Photos

I debuted a passel of new photographs in my latest art show. But for those who couldn’t make it to Akron, I wanted to post these photos for everyone to see. I am capable of doing additional prints, for sale. I also have some copies left of my latest zine, so let me know if you’re interested in picking something up, just in time for the holidays. View the full post, to see all of the photos.

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White Pines Myspace

My friend Joe just released his new record, The Falls, today on YerBird Records. I assisted Josh in creating the myspace, which uses some of my photos. Check out the White Pines Myspace, and then go buy the new record on iTunes.

Talons’ Songs for Boats

I can’t take much credit for this, but I did just help my friends Mike & Keith put together the layout for Talons’ new album, Songs for Boats. His follow up to Songs for Babes. The typography following the same style as all of his other records, typed on his script-typewriter. The photo is from the recently demolished Chippewa Lake park, and taken by Meryl Swiatek. Out soon on Own Records.