Crafty Mart 2010

Unlike last year, Three Bears will not have a table at Crafty Mart this year. We didn’t have enough time to prepare for it. However, my friends at Bark & Hiss offered to sell anything that I might be able to conjure up between now and then. So I will again be selling the little needle-felt owls that I made for last year. So, if you’re in the area, you might stop by and check them out. Also, check out the photos I just found of our table last year, from Amanda Johnson. Lastly, credit for the postcard design by my friend Andy Taray.

Square Records T-Shirt

Here’s a new shirt I drew up for my neighborhood friends, Square Records. I wanted to make a classic shirt for them that felt like it was from a previous decade. So I hand-drew all of the text, which is made to feel like some kind of abstract vinyl-texture for the main letters. I opted for them to be printed on American Apparel’s 50/25/25 track shirt, so they are really soft, and have that vintage feel.
These may, or may not, be available in time for my art opening in their in-store gallery space.

White Pines Promo Photos

Just shot these promo photos for my friend Joe, White Pines. He’s got a new record coming out in a couple of months called The Falls. I don’t usually do promo photos, but he particularly requested that I shoot with my Holga, and since it’s just one person, I couldn’t turn him down, especially considering the colors of the leaves right now.

Screenprinting Zine Covers

Here’s a sneak peak at the progress of the new zine I’m releasing through Sailboat Press. The outside and inside covers are screenprinted; the outside is a 4 color process screen print, and inside is magenta. Thanks to Jen & Jake for lending their helping hands, and huge thanks to John at 10x for letting me use his press/basement. These are currently being assembled, more info on the TAPL page.

Charlene Kaye T-Shirt

Here’s a new shirt that I just wrapped up for long-time friend and client Charlene Kaye. Be sure and go check out her new EP, …& the Brilliant Eyes, which can be purchased by the pay-what-you-want model.