mewithoutYou Australia Poster

In January, my friends in mewithoutYou are headed down under to do a tour through Australia, with special guests Elliot the Bull. Their promoter, Various Artists, contacted me about making a special poster for the mwY’s first trip to Australia as a full-band. We’ll also be printing this illustration on t-shirts. Don’t forget to LIKE the Australian Tour Facebook Page to get the latest updates on the tour.


Black Friday Records

Black Friday is just around the corner, and I’ve recently worked on two records that will be available for the November 28th Record Store Day. First up is a new 7″ from Prawn called Settled, coming from Topshelf Records. The record contains two songs that were cut from their latest album, Kingfisher, and I illustrated the cover as a companion-piece to the full-length.

Second is a new 12″ from mewithoutYou. The East Enders Wives Maxi Single illustrates the many forms a song can take; from its humble beginnings as a basement recoding, to a somber, string-clad ballad, all the way to the final album track. As a special treat, the single also includes a unique remix by electronic artist Dusty Brown, created especially for this release. The packaging design is focused around an original painting by Vasily Kafanov.

Both will be first available on November Record Store Day. Visit your local record shop to pick one up.


Kevin Devine & Into It. Over It. Tour Poster

My buddy Evan recently hired me to design this spirt-animals themed poster for his forthcoming tour. Kevin Devine & Into.It. Over It. will be doing an East-Coast tour in February, with special guest Laura Stevenson. Kevin is the wolf (based on his song Wolf’s Mouth), Evan is the bear, and Laura is the doe. Screen-prints will be available for purchase at the shows! [Click to enlarge]


Cloudkicker Live with Intronaut

Six months ago, Cloudkicker toured North America with Intronaut as his backing band. Prior to this tour, Cloudkicker, aka, Ben Sharp, had never intended to play a live show. The two bands piled into a van and every night played to a fanbase who knew they were experiencing a perhaps once in a lifetime opportunity. For those who missed a show, the band stopped off at The Fathom Tree in Texas, to record their entire live set in a proper studio. The final product is Cloudkicker – Live With Intronaut, LP & CD to be released November 24 on Century Media. For the album’s artwork, I incorporated stills from the live-show projections, as well as  studio photographs to document the event.

Watch a video of the first song below, and pre-order a copy here.


mewithoutYou at the Grog Shop Poster

Next week, my friends in mewithoutYou are coming to Cleveland on the Catch for Us the Foxes 10 Year Anniversary Tour. I’m a big fan of Song of Solomon, and I’ve had this idea brewing in my head for over a year, intended to be be a companion to The Soviet shirt I designed earlier in the tour. The final product is a four-color screen-printed gig-poster, printed on French Speckletone Wine paper. Come find me at the merch table to grab one! I’m reserving a small amount of copies for my online store, which will be available on October 14th.