Old & New Project

Old & New Project is a collaborative design project based on Biblical passages. It provides a platform for contemporary graphic artists to exhibit works themed on Biblical stories and passages. I was tasked with depicting the romantic passage “I am faint with love…” from Song of Solomon. You can order a print, in a variety of sizes from Society6, and the proceeds will go to charity . Big thanks to Troy Deshano & Jim LePage for asking me to submit a piece alongside lots of other amazing artists.


Being As An Ocean LP

The band Being As An Ocean is releasing a new full-length, called How We Both Wondrously Perish. The cover photo was taken by Rosie Hardy, which serves as the centerpiece for the album’s art, and they hired me to handle the art direction and design for the rest of the packaging. The album comes out May 6th, and it’s now available for pre-order from In Vogue Records. Go grab one of the many vinyl color variations.


Cloudkicker Tour Merch Lineup

My friend Ben, aka Cloudkicker, is about to embark on his first tour ever. He’s been conspiring with the band Intronaut about performing as a full band, and it’s finally happening next month. Both bands will be opening for Tesseract, covering the entire country during the month of April. I put together some new merch items that will be exclusive to the tour.


Ashland Arts Poster

The kind folks at Ashland University’s Art Department recently approached me to illustrate a poster to advertise their department. Having received a BFA from their department, I wanted to highlight all of the different mediums and processes that they offer for their students. In a chain of e-mails with the department chair (also my sculpture instructor back in college) and the school’s marketing coordinator, they referred to me as one of the university’s success stories, which was a pretty proud moment. I’m glad they thought of me when they were looking for some new advertising materials.


New Album Covers

I’ve recently finished up a pair of photograph-based album covers for two musicians in the New York area. The first is for the new album Ease My Mind, by Michaela Anne with photos taken by the talented Shervin Lainez. The album is set to release April 8th on Georgia June Records. The second cover is for Jason Saltiel‘s new self-released album, Late Bloomer, which includes some washed-out colorful photos by Josh Goleman. Coming soon, visit Jason’s Bandcamp.